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My current wait time is 2 - 4 months on custom orders. Use the form below to get on the list! ... Ryan

The knives below are some of my most commonly orderd designs

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Ryan W. "Bird & Trout":
If you are looking for a great Bird & Trout, this is it! The fine point makes cleaning small game a simple task. I would reccomend a Horizontal leather sheath to keep it out of the way but easily accessible....  Base Price: $225               
(*see Upgrade options below)

Steel: 1/8" CPM 154 "Stainless' or 1095 High Carbon
OAL: 7.5"
Blade: 3.75"
Sheath: Leather Horizontal "Ambi-Scout" Carry


Ryan W. "Agro":

This is one of my most aggressive designs, it is tailored towards military and law enforcement applications. If I had to put this knife into a category it would be "Fighter". Typically I make the Choil a Half circle to enable the user to choke up for controlled fine motor work... Base Price $300                    
(*see Upgrade options below)

Steel: 1080 or 1095 High Carbon
OAL: 10"
Blade: 5"
Sheath: Ryan W. Leather

Ryan W. "SPK 7.5":
This is my version of the popular Hunting knife "the Sharpfinger" I have made a few modifications That I feel improve on the original design. If you are a big game hunter you need this knife...  Base Price: $225                  
(*see Upgrade options below)

Steel: 1/8" 1095 High Carbon
OAL: 7.5"
Blade: 3.5" (Spear Point)
Sheath: Ryan W. Leather
(Photo is Stevenson Premium Leather)

Ryan W. "Wood Drake":

This is my Bushcraft knife, the slightly Nessmuk design makes it a great all around blade. the upswept edge creates a lot of "Belly" great for around the camp use as well as game processing....  Base Price: $220        

(*see Upgrade options below)

Steel: 1/8" 1080 High Carbon
OAL: 9"
Blade: 4.25"
Sheath: Ryan W. Leather

Ryan W. "High Uinta":

This it the knife I carry with me 90% of the time. If you are looking for a great all around Hunting / Utility knife this is it. It performs well in the back country as well as the front country....  Base Price: $200.00              
(*see Upgrade options below)

Steel: 1/8" 1080 High Carbon
OAL: 8"
Blade: 3.5"
Sheath: Ryan W. Leather (Ambi-Scout or Classic)

Ryan W. "Necker":

When I am backpacking I prefer to pack my High Uinta away and throw on my Necker. I allows quick access for those small tasks on the trail, and provides a reliable back up to your primary blade....  Base Price: $180           
(*see Upgrade options below)

Steel: 1/8" 1080 High Carbon
OAL: 7"
Blade: 3.5"
Sheath: Jason Dabling Kydex


There are many upgrades are available upon request:

* Steel Type
* Hand Polished Hamon
* Tapered Tang
* Mosaic Pins
* Handle Materials
* Sheath Options

*Some upgrades require a 25% deposit upfront. Most knives do not require any money upfront....

Ryan W. Knife Order Information

Please tell me a little bit about yourself, If you are interested in ordering one of the above knives please fill out the information below. Including which Knife and any upgrades you would like. I will get back to you with an approximate delivery date.

*** Please be sure to fill in the contact info (Phone or Email) so I can get back to you... Thanks

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