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I have the greatest customers in the world, thank you for your support and feedback!

"The Wood Drake got here safe and sound. It's a Beauty, i love it, the handle fits me like a glove, F&F is great and i really like the blade shape and size. I'm going to give it to my Dad, he really likes the feel and looks of it, and how do i keep something like this when i know he would like it but would never buy it for himself. When I opened the package he was with me, and couldn't put it down. Thank you Ryan for an exceptional transaction and a Great product.  I am still am looking at purchasing one of your Search & Rescue knives in the near future. Thank You!"
   - Ray

"Great blade... I am glad I bought this one. You did a great job on this knife. Thank you."    - Syd

"I just got the Small Bushcraft knife and it rocks! It is comfortable in both saber and reverse grips and I love the contouring of the handles. I love the thickness of the blade, the look of the hamon, and the look and fit of the handle slabs. This thing is NOT popping loose from the sheath, In my line of work that is always a concern. The edge is very sharp, slicing paper with ease. If I get attacked by any paper I should easily dispatch them with great haste!  This was money well spent."    - PTK

I got the knife. Sweet package! Supremelt comfortable. Thanks very much for making it for me."  - Marcelo

"Greeting from Greece, I received the knife and was really pleased by the workmanship and ergos of the handle. I have large hands this knife fit me far better than any other knife I've held. Any way great work horse of a knife this is,... Thanks"  - Lefteris

"I just got the knife and I have to say that I love it. The lines of the knife and the sheath are awesome. You should posts some photos of this latest version of your sheath, it is really nice. The Dymondwood handle is great. It feels as or more solid than natural cocobolo and its "grippier." At first I though the handle was a little too small for me, but it actually feels very secure in my hand. Based on my first impression I'm very happy with the knife and sheath and I definitely recommend you work."     - Edgar

"I received the knife today and it looks great! I really like the handle shape, fit and finish on the g-10 and carbon fiber is excellent. Kydex fits great also, I'll be putting it to use immediately as my EDC. It's not gonna be a safe queen.
Thanks again"  -  Randy

"The handles are the best sculpted G10 I've ever seen or felt. The "thumb rests" on the tops of the handles are very nice. Not sure if this is intentionally designed but damn, they are NICE. The balance is perfect, but you probably already knew that. The size of the handle and the blade are perfect. At first I wasn't a fan of how far away from the cutting edge my hand was, but the uses of the choil are becoming increasingly apparent as I play with it. I wasn't really sure what I was looking for when I bought this, but I'm glad I did. I was losing interest in knives and this knife has definitely perked me up a lot. Thank you very much!"   -  Dan

"Ryan, your knives are some of the best quality knives I have ever had my paws on, and I play with a lot of steel from all over the world."   -  Reuben

"I own a SAR knife and love it. I get compliments any time I show it. It is well made, nice looking and feels great to hold. I highly recommend Ryan's knives"  -  Dustin

"Ryan's craftsmanship is excellent! This is my second knife from your bench and I'm still impressed with your quality and overall personal service. I'm a dedicated hunter in South Africa and need a small, but strong skinner. The fixed blade whittler shape, sized and strength is perfect for those tough skinning jobs and for every-day carry. I look forward to passing this one down to my grandson some day!    -  Chad S.

"Ryan, My knives arrived today and the workmanship is exceptional. They are all very sharp and comfortable in the hand. My wife loves your style and her favorite is the damascus tusk knife. Once again, Thank you for your customer service, great workmanship and the product will be used for a few generations that is for sure.  - Rod S.

 "I'm not the type of person that usually buys or carry's fixed blade knives but there's something about Ryan's work that speaks to me! I ordered the High Uinta for its overall size and horizontal carry option. It fits perfectly when I carry it in the small of my back. This is my first RyanW Knife but I'm already looking forward to ordering a second one
- Freddie

My SPK 7.5" arrived today! I couldn't be happier - you do awesome work my friend! Also posted this pic to your SPK WIP thread on BF with some other comments... I Love It! Thank you so much - S. Wallace

My High Uinta showed up today!!! Ryan, this knife will now be my new EDC blade. you did an awesome job on the ergonomics on this one. I have medium sized hands and the scales size is perfect. I'm def more a fan of your knives! Sometime in the future I will own another! Thanks again Ryan! - B. Redgrave

"It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with Ryan. he promptly replies to all of his emails and is willing to work with you to create the knife that you truly want. Also if you are outside of the US do not hesitate to order from Ryan - He ships internationally and is definitely willing to go the distance to ensure that your shipment arrives.
The Caper knife that Ryan created for is is a marvelous work of art but at the same time a very functional blade. It takes and holds a razor sharp air shaving edge. It is perfect for fine skinning a black bear (Paws and Head). It will also work great for caping out a moose or a deer and works well as an all purpose small game skinner. The handle feels as if it was custom made for my hand and it gave me maximum control over the blade which is necessary for this type of work. The handle also allows you to hold it like a pen when required to get at a certain spot.
I look forward to doing business with you again in the future and one of your SPK's is definitely next on my list." - Stefan N.

Thanks Adam Chavez for taking the time to put up this quick Review of my "High Uinta"

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